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Rev up your tastebuds.


Premium small-batch hot sauce at the intersection of car enthusiasts and hot sauce lovers

The automobile has moved generations of people from place to place, allowing them to see new places, meet new people, and try new foods.


Left Lane Pepper Company celebrates mobility and food by bringing flavor to your door. 

Our hot sauces are about more than just heat level. They are a balance between heat, flavor, color, and texture like a car is a balance of power, handling, styling, and comfort. 


The sauces are thick and robust, styled more after the traditional Mexican salsas than the common thinner vinegar-based sauces.  

Like a high performance engine, these hearty sauces require cooling in between drives.  Please refrigerate between uses.

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2022 Model Year



The Learner’s Permit Easy Jalapeño sauce is our gentlest and good for those starting in hot sauces. The sweetness of the peppers fades into a mild heat as you ease up the clutch. With visible seeds and vegetables, the thick, pourable sauce is delicious on chips, tacos,  seafood, chicken, tofu, or anything else you want to rev up. 


There's definitely still some heat in this sauce in the 2nd Gear heat rating. 

Ingredients:  tomatillos (tomatillos, salt, citric acid), water, onion, jalapeño peppers,  lime juice, stevia, garlic



Jalapeno Heat Scale_edited_edited_edited.jpg

"The sauce is on the thicker side with a slow pour... The flavors in this sauce tasted fresh..."   The Hot Sauce Guide

Heading 3


The Burning Rubber Chunky Chipotle sauce makes you look around to see what’s burning nearby.  A delicate sweetness fades into the heat and you’re left with a smoky palate. This sauce is thick and pourable with visible seeds and vegetables.  Great on burgers, tacos,  pork, beef, wings, pizza, tofu, or anything else you want to rev up. 

The sauce has a 3rd Gear heat rating but it runs at high RPMs in that gear. 

Ingredients:  Tomatoes, onion, water, rice vinegar,  chipotle pods, garlic, powdered meco chipotle, lime juice, stevia, chipotle flakes, arbol peppers, salt.

Chipotle Heat Scale.jpg

"If you are getting into craft hot sauce, this is a great one to get started." 
Hot Sauce Reviews


The Range Anxiety Arbol sauce leaves no doubt that you’ll arrive at your flavor destination.  The savory cumin charges your taste buds as they enjoy the ride with lasting arbol pepper heat. With visible seeds and vegetable, this sauce is tasty on burgers, tacos,  eggs, pork, beef, chicken, vegetarian dishes, hummus, or anything else you want to rev up.

Just like charging your EV, this sauce gives off plenty of heat. 

Ingredients:  Tomatillos (tomatillos, salt, citric acid), water, onion, carrots,  lime juice, garlic, dried arbol peppers, stevia, salt, cumin.

Arbol Heat Scale.jpg

"I found the consistency of this sauce unique. It had various seeds, vegetables, and skins blended in." 
The Hot Sauce Guide


The vivid orange of the Hazard Lights Habanero sauce warns your taste buds about high heat ahead.  Your tongue will savor the sweet, fruity mango, and ginger until the habanero turns on your flashers. The thick sauce deliciously enhances eggs, seafood tacos, pork, vegetables, wings, tofu, vegetable burgers, chips, or anything else you want to rev up.

With a 5th gear heat rating, keep your fire extinguisher handy. 

Ingredients:  Mangoes, orange habanero peppers, orange juice, rice vinegar,  carrots, lime juice, ginger, dried arbol peppers, salt, stevia.

Habanero Heat Scale.jpg

"Sweet, instant heat coats the tongue but leaves you wanting more." 
The Hot Sauce Realm

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