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Open for business!

After months of planning and preparations we are excited to announce that we turned the key on the website and it started right up! The showroom is open for business!

We're starting with four flavors - Learner's Permit Easy Jalapeño Hot Sauce, Burning Rubber Chunky Chipotle Hot Sauce, Range Anxiety Arbol Pepper Hot Sauce, and Hazard Lights Mango Ginger Habanero Hot Sauce.

To start with we're anticipating that our customers will try several flavors to find their favorite. As we launch we'll be offering the four flavors in four different sampler multi-packs in three, four, and five bottle versions. If you order three bottles you can choose from the spicy or more spicy end of the scale. The four pack lets you taste all flavors. The five pack lets you taste all four flavors PLUS you can "double-park" one flavor that you think you may prefer. You'll get a second bottle of your favorite. Once we get beyond our launch and the engine is running smoothly, we'll add the ability to order single bottles.

All varieties were cooked in small-batch by us in November and are now on their way to the warehouse for distribution. We welcome you to place orders now and the sauces will be shipped once they have been stocked in the warehouse. We anticipate that they should ship by end of the week of November 29, 2021 but we'll keep you informed.

Please note, each pack is shipped separately, so if you order more than one pack you'll see that shipping is charged for each one.

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