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Talking it out - on a podcast

The most fun aspect of operating a food startup business in the hot sauce space is talking to a wide range of people, whether at in-person automotive events, on-line forums, or on podcasts. In this case, it was the latter.

Co-owners Bernie and John were recently invited to join Turk, Slug, and Mark on the Talking Heat Podcast. We had a great conversation about Left Lane Pepper Company's backstory and also learned about the podcast hosts, who are scattered all across the United States. There was even a tasting of the hot sauces near the end.


Where else do you have the chance to speak with hosts named Turk, Slug, and Mark?!?


Whether you're a "pepperhead" or just mildly interested or curious about the hot sauce space, have a listen to our 1 hour podcast (Episode 8) or to any of the other hot sauce companies they've had on as guests.

You can find all episodes of Talking Heat here.

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