Testing testing testing

Our first intersection between the car and hot sauce worlds was the many trips to the grocery store for ingredients during the testing phase, sometimes even twice per day if something went wrong in the kitchen. And even multiple stores in a single trip when one store had run out of stock on a key ingredient. We literally put miles behind us while developing our sauces, not unlike the testing miles that a new car undergoes.

The first batch in spring 2020 tasted good to us in the moment. We had our arbol sauce again! The pale color, watery flow, and light flavor seemed acceptable. But over the course of a year the sauce evolved, improved, morphed into its current iteration. The photo above shows the evolution from the initial pallor to the richness of Range Anxiety Arbol Pepper Hot Sauce as you can buy it today.

It can take three to five years developing an all-new car for market launch. Fortunately we were dealing with a dozen ingredients and not 15,000 engineered parts so we could get to market much sooner!