Learner's Permit Easy Jalapeño Hot Sauce (single bottle)

Learner's Permit Easy Jalapeño Hot Sauce (single bottle)


Learner's Permit Easy Jalapeño Hot Sauce


The Learner’s Permit Easy Jalapeno sauce is our gentlest and good for those starting in hot sauces. The sweetness of the peppers fades into a mild heat as you ease up the clutch. With visible seeds and vegetables, the thick, pourable sauce is delicious on chips, tacos,  seafood, chicken, tofu, or anything else you want to rev up. 


Ingredients:  Tomatillos (tomatillos, salt, citric acid), water, onion, jalapeño peppers, lime juice, stevia, garlic.


    The wider mouths on these  5-ounce (148 mL) bottles allows the thick, chunky sauce to be applied as you like on your favorite foods.  After consuming these sauces, be sure to keep refrigerated until your next hot lap at the dining table. 


    All sales are final due to food safety reasons.  

    Left Lane Pepper Company is not responsible for lost or stolen packages. 


    When ordering one bottle, it will be shipped in an attactive, robust single-bottle carton.  Each additional bottle will be shipped in its own carton.  If you want to try several flavors, we recommend choosing from the 3-, 4-, or 5-pack options to reduce shipping costs and save on each bottle. 

    Standard shipping is 3-5 business days.  The bottle is individually packaged in a stylish, premium Left Lane Pepper Company box that is sure to impress if given as a gift.  

    Please note, at this time we are only shipping within the United States.


    Left Lane Pepper Company strives to reduce the impact on the environment.  To that end we have selected recyclable glass bottles, metal lids, and cardboard shipping materials that do not require plastic filler or padding.  In the future we intend to replace the safety seals with a more earth-friendly alternative.